About Me

I decided to start a blog after I was in a motorcycle accident. My Husband (still getting use to that) and I were on our way to get dinner on a Friday night when we were rear-ended. Thankfully we both survived and by the Grace of the good Lord walked away banged up pretty bad. I had a bone fractured on my face, a busted lip that required stitches and we both had a good amount of road rash. My Husband tore a ligament in his thumb and bruised his knees so badly it was almost through to the bone. But we SURVIVED!. So I started thinking…………..about life. 

I wanted to do something different, not be stuck in the same job that has good benefits but comes with the same old rules of the Corporate World. I wanted to do something that would enhance my creativity.

I decided to give blogging a try and here I am. I am recently Married and excited to start the next chapter of my life with the Love of my Life. More to come….so stay tuned!